Boston, Massachusetts

Population: 685,094

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The city is home to about 700,000 residents, with a much larger metropolitan area that includes roughly 4.8 million people. With many well-known universities and research institutions located in the city and surrounding region, Boston is known as a leader in higher education and in innovation, including biotechnology and information technology. Boston has pledged to become a carbon free city by 2050, which will require significant retrofits to its diverse and historical building stock.


In 2018, Boston was selected as one of 25 cities for the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge, joining a set of leading cities working to accelerate efforts to tackle climate change and promote a more sustainable future for residents. Through this initiative, Boston is working to decarbonize its transit sector and leverage their existing building energy use benchmarking requirements to create new programs and policies that will accelerate building retrofits.

Boston is working with BEI to complete an analysis of its building stock and market segmentation to identify common electrification and energy efficiency opportunities in small residential and multifamily buildings. Boston has seen a growing demand for energy services combined with increased retirements of contractors and HVAC professionals. As such, Boston is also planning to develop and implement workforce development strategies, together with key educational and community partners. These efforts will help ensure that Boston has the workforce needed to retrofit its diverse stock of buildings and that the economic benefits are more equitably distributed across the community.